Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mirroring Magic

Mirrors are part of your everyday life. We brush our teeth, shave, apply makeup, fix hair, …every day we use them as a part of our daily routine. Often, they are taken for granted instead of the marvel of modern manufacturing that they are. We make mirrors, but it’s really pretty amazing.

To care and clean a mirror with the tender love and care it deserves, you first need to know a little bit about how a mirror is put together in the first place. 
Mirrors are made by starting with an extraordinary piece of glass. Mirror-quality glass is a much higher quality of that used in windows. 
Some, like our “high-definition mirror” go a step further and are made with ultra-clear glass that uses Starfire glass – which is devoid of the greenish tint of most glass. 
Then, very delicate layers of metals are applied to the back of this high quality piece of glass.  –  including REAL silver and REAL copper – to give you a proper reflection from the front.

The delicate layers of a mirror

The metal layers are then protected with a special paint backing specially formulated not to harm these metal layers. The paint acts to protect the mirror while handling, fabricating, transporting and installing the mirror. Since the back is protected with paint, the edges of a mirror are where the metal layers become most vulnerable, so protecting them from moisture and chemical exposure is important to ensuring a mirror’s longevity.

3 Places Mirror Can Top

1) Bedside Table:

Adding to the light and airy feeling, mirrors make the space seem more relaxing and ethereal. In this room – which should be your sanctuary – adding a mirror table top makes perfect sense. It just begs for a beautiful book (or the one shown is another way to go), a lovely bloom, or a spa-scented candle, doesn’t it?

2) Console Table in Entry:

Entryways can be so dark due to the alcove nature, the lack of windows, and the dump of coats, papers and bookbags. (or is that just mine?) Adding more mirror to that space can help add to the light and open up the space visually. Added bonus, it’s so beautiful, you’ll want to keep it clutter-free.

3) Your Desktop:

Able to handle your cup of coffee and clean easily of fingerprints, a mirror desktop is both practical  and beautiful. It also seems to encourage me to keep it less piled with papers when the desktop itself is so lovely. So that’s always a mirror miracle.

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