Saturday, May 5, 2018

Glass floor? Why not?

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Glass floors have traditionally been most popular in large, tall buildings or boats, and were used primarily to enable better viewing. However, in the modern day, more and more people have begun incorporating this great flooring option into hotels, businesses and even homes.
Glass flooring has become readily available and very affordable, and with many fantastic benefits it’s easy to see why it is becoming so popular. Below are four of the top advantages and benefits of investing in a glass floor.

1) Aesthetically Pleasing
Use of glass in construction adds a lot of beauty, style and elegance to any building. The glass allows light to flow easily in and around the rooms, making them a more attractive place to be. Glass floors definitely have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of a place, as people enjoy the extra light, and are interested and intrigued by the unusual flooring.
A combination of the glass and the extra light also makes the rooms look larger and more spacious, as well as allowing for interesting and breathtaking views, particularly if the glass floor is on a high level looking down.

2) Custom Made
One of the greatest benefits of installing glass flooring is that you can get custom made shapes and sizes. Whether you want a small section of a larger floor transformed into a glass area, or an entire room, you will be able to get it made just for you.
There are many professional companies who will go out of their way to help in any way they can, regardless of the nature of your glass flooring requests. With such friendly and fantastic service and the guarantee that you will get exactly what you want and need, glass flooring is a great choice.
3) Great Insulation
Glass is a bad conductor of heat, and therefore a fantastic insulation material. Glass flooring will conserve the heat within your room and, as a result, save lots of energy. Even though you will have to spend money on buying a glass floor, you will quickly make your money back from saving on heating bills.
Glass flooring is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any leakages hitting the people in the room below. Many glass floors are also fire proof, offering extra protection, as well as being very durable and long lasting.

4) Easy to Clean
Another of the fantastic advantages of glass flooring is that they are extremely easy to clean. You can have a sparkling glass floor all of the time with just a quick wipe-over in the evening. Products like Floor Glaze Structural Glass are certainly easy to clean and add sparkle to any home.
Your glass floor will always be easy to see through, attractive and interesting with very little effort. Of course the more people who use the room, the more often it will need to be cleaned, but even if your glass floor is in the center of a busy entranceway, a light mop from the cleaners once a day will do the job perfectly.
Glass flooring is attractive, easy to clean, and ultimately saves you money. It is very aesthetically pleasing and can transform any dark and dingy room to a bright, attractive and stylish area. A contemporary and quirky take on flooring, there’s many benefits to adding glass flooring to your home or business.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

What makes mirrored furniture a great addition to any interior?

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Mirrored furniture has been used for centuries and in the past people usually used it in their bedrooms. This practice was used because of practical reasons. Mirrors are usually used to check our appearance or to prepare ourselves for going outside and this process starts in the bedroom. Of course, over some period of time, people have realized that mirrored furniture comes with few other advantages, so it is no surprise why modern households have this type of furniture in other rooms too.
According to many experts this trend will continue in the future despite the continuous changes presented in furniture styles and designs. So, when you are looking for furniture for any of your rooms, especially your bedrooms, you should always consider pieces of furniture that have mirrored surfaces on them. The best part is that you can find furniture that come in many different designs and have the stunning mirror panels on them.
Ariella Mirrored Console Table
We, at Glass Furniture NYC are always ready to help you with the implementation of your ideas. Specializing in custom made glass and mirror furniture we can offer you the design and glass/mirror finish which you’ll definitely like.
In our collection you can find coffee tables, dining tables, console tables, display cabinets, shelving units, designer’s mirror, work desks and many other.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mirroring Magic

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Mirrors are part of your everyday life. We brush our teeth, shave, apply makeup, fix hair, …every day we use them as a part of our daily routine. Often, they are taken for granted instead of the marvel of modern manufacturing that they are. We make mirrors, but it’s really pretty amazing.

To care and clean a mirror with the tender love and care it deserves, you first need to know a little bit about how a mirror is put together in the first place. 
Mirrors are made by starting with an extraordinary piece of glass. Mirror-quality glass is a much higher quality of that used in windows. 
Some, like our “high-definition mirror” go a step further and are made with ultra-clear glass that uses Starfire glass – which is devoid of the greenish tint of most glass. 
Then, very delicate layers of metals are applied to the back of this high quality piece of glass.  –  including REAL silver and REAL copper – to give you a proper reflection from the front.

The delicate layers of a mirror

The metal layers are then protected with a special paint backing specially formulated not to harm these metal layers. The paint acts to protect the mirror while handling, fabricating, transporting and installing the mirror. Since the back is protected with paint, the edges of a mirror are where the metal layers become most vulnerable, so protecting them from moisture and chemical exposure is important to ensuring a mirror’s longevity.

3 Places Mirror Can Top

1) Bedside Table:

Adding to the light and airy feeling, mirrors make the space seem more relaxing and ethereal. In this room – which should be your sanctuary – adding a mirror table top makes perfect sense. It just begs for a beautiful book (or the one shown is another way to go), a lovely bloom, or a spa-scented candle, doesn’t it?

2) Console Table in Entry:

Entryways can be so dark due to the alcove nature, the lack of windows, and the dump of coats, papers and bookbags. (or is that just mine?) Adding more mirror to that space can help add to the light and open up the space visually. Added bonus, it’s so beautiful, you’ll want to keep it clutter-free.

3) Your Desktop:

Able to handle your cup of coffee and clean easily of fingerprints, a mirror desktop is both practical  and beautiful. It also seems to encourage me to keep it less piled with papers when the desktop itself is so lovely. So that’s always a mirror miracle.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Perks of Glass Furniture in your Office

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There are a lot of benefits of glass office tables. Let’s face some of them.
As everyone understand, the glass furniture makes the area appear larger and brighter that it really is. As opposed to feeling cramped inside a small office, a glass top desk can make you feel like you have ample room.
Glass office furniture helps to achieve a modern look. Glass top desks are an excellent decision for those that are interested in a modern appearance for their office. Proper lighting is an important aspect of having a functional work space.
Executive Glass Work Desk

Our company offers the glass items which can be customized to meet your exact needs. Since offices can vary in shape and size, being able to get a customized desk is crucial. Fortunately, a glass top desk is able to be customized to exact specifications, which means you do not need to worry about fitting a prefabricated glass desk into a completely unique space. It also allows you to get a desk that is ideal for the kind of work you do, whether it includes working with a single monitor, dual monitors, triple monitors, or nothing related to computers at all.
Just contact our team and get all the information!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Custom Made Glass Furniture

Custom Cut Glass NY

Using glass furniture has become a fashion these days in offices and homes. Most of the homeowners nowadays prefer using glass furniture, as it gives them a sophisticated look, and make an office look refreshing and lively.
Diamond Glass Table
Glass furniture offers a high level of elegance and sophistication – and looks great in modern and contemporary homes and offices. Glass also has a unique ability in that it is able to enhance the look of other materials that accompany the glass furniture. You can easily blend it with other materials, wood, marble, textile, etc.
Glass also gives the illusion of space, as its transparency doesn’t block the views behind it, creating more visual “empty space” as it helps with the distribution of light.
Savanna Glass Table
Glass furniture is extremely durable. It doesn’t require any extra maintenance effort. You are simply advised to polish the glass surface, and it stays clean, without getting damaged.
Glass furniture is becoming more prestigious and fashionable, because the material is natural, environmentally friendly that does not obstruct the access of a sufficient amount of light in the room. Thanks to it, the interior is transformed, becomes lighter, refined and "transparent".