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Japanese Rice paper laminated in Glass

Custom Cut Glass NY
we can laminate nearly any type of glass, including clear float glass, Low-Iron float glass which eliminates the green tint of standard glass, mirrored glass, pattern glass, cast glass, sandblasted, etch design or carved glass, back-painted or silkscreened.
Office wall dividers in glass

Glass Edge Finish

Custom Cut Glass NY
Custom Cut Glass can put the perfect edge on your piece of glass. Whether you need standard or specialty edge-work on your glass, you can be assured that each edge will be precision machined on our state of the art edging machine. Just let us know if your project requires a special edge and we’ll give it a great, customized look with our quality edge-work. If not, we’ll still make sure you always get pieces with edges that are sanded and safe to handle.

Specialty Edge-work removes any uneven appearance on the edge of the glass after it has been cut. Another benefit of specialty edge-work is the enhanced the appearance of the glass, this is true whether you chose standard edge-work or specialized edge-work. Specialized edge-work gives the glass a great appearance.

Standard edge-work is our standard finish and is included at no extra charge on all pieces. We call this the seamed edge. This is perfect for items that will be installed so that the edges of the glass will not be seen, these edges are sanded smooth so the glass is safe to handle but it is not necessarily decorative. Our standard edge-work will follow industry standard tolerances.

Specialty Edge-work options can be added to any pieces or shapes for an extra charge. Use the Instant Online Quote feature above to quickly estimate the cost for your specific project.


If you the edges are visible and you desire a more decorative finish for your glass, we offer several options:
Pencil Edge: This type of edgework results in an edge that is slightly rounded. Pencil Grind edgework has a frosty, matte, or satin finish. Pencil Polish edgework provides a glossy, shiny finish; perfect for a style when you are wanting to create an extra pop!
Flat Edge: This type of edgework results in an edge that is Flat with small chamfers on the corners. Flat Grind edgework has a matte, frosty or satin finish. Flat Polish edgework provides a shiny or glossy finish.
Bevel Edge: This type of edgework adds a sense of depth on the glass. This is often used for an ornate application. Bevel Edges have a shiny or glossy finish.

Custom Mirror

Custom Cut Glass NY
To some, mirrors fill a need and to others they’re a piece of home decoration. Whether you’re using them to make sure your tie is straight or to add depth and natural light to a room, mirrors have a place in your home. Custom Cut Glass can provide custom mirrors that will increase the beauty of your residence while giving it a unique look. These custom mirrors can be a variety of shapes and sizes and will add that special touch to your residence.

The mirrors can be cut to your exact specifications so they fit perfectly in your home. If you have the vision, we can make it happen.

More Tips on using Mirrors:
  • Put you mirror on the wall above the dining room table to reflect the light of your chandelier
  • If you have a piece of art that you are really proud of, by placing a mirror on the wall opposite of it you double your ability to view it
  • Make sure that the mirror is in a place to reflect something that you want to look at. Don’t just put it anywhere.
  • Don’t place mirrors on ceilings. Back in the 1970’s it may have been the cool thing to do, and now we have moved gracefully on.
  • Mirrored furniture in a small space helps create the optical illusion of it not existing. Since it reflects the opposite wall, it creates the illusion of the piece of furniture not existing

Whether you are planning to hang the mirror in a bathroom, hall way or even using it to create part of a display.

We create frameless mirrors at 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/14” of thickness and also use standard edgework options such as bevel or pencil edge

Custom Tinted Glass

Custom Cut Glass NY

Looking for custom tinted glass? custom tinted glass Since Custom Cut Glass is a flat glass production facility, we’re not going to manufacture a replacement car window, since auto glass is usually curved in some way. The tinting process is very different to auto tinting. Instead of adding a colored film to the surface, we use colored glass where the color is part of the glass. That material is what reduces or changes the color of light coming through it, so that it appears darker or colored differently.

While these windows aren’t usually tinted as dark as some car windows, they still can restrict some of the effects of solar energy. Many kinds of flooring, furniture and fabrics can become subtly discolored or damaged because of long-term sun exposure, so tinting can help to mitigate those effects. Also, in living room situations, sometimes a properly tinted window can reduce incidental glare on TV and computer screens.

Since our glass tints are through the entire thickness of the glass, it is more durable and will not rub off like tinted films will. Glass tints of the same color will appear darker with thicker glass. Look at the color charts by thickness to see how the tint will affect darkness.

At Custom Cut Glass we carry glass in several different tints, which vary according to thickness. And we can cut tinted glass within an industry-leading 1/16th-of-an-inch cutting tolerance, which means we can match your exact specifications. Check out our tint samples and see if tinted glass might be a good fit for your next project.